About Our Safety Assistance Agency

We are a "for the public, by the public" agency. Because we are not state-, county-, or city-funded, we will never shut down because of budget cuts. We serve the public 24/7 and aim to have our agency dispatch centers all over the U.S. These dispatch centers will handle incoming calls 24/7. Think of us as a non-emergency assistant that whenever and wherever you need us, we will be there. We understand that response time is always important. That's why our agents will always be right around the corner. All of our field agents will have medical training and all field agent vehicles will have full medical equipment. Please note that we are not a non-profit, so donations are not tax-deductible. However, that being said, every contribution is highly appreciated to keep our dispatched centers open and our agents in the field serving and shielding the public and the agencies.